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EQ2 Najena

 Masters of questing... Leaders of raids...
 Lords and Ladies of mischief and mayhem.

Stormhaven EQ2 is a chapter of the Stormhaven™ Netwide gaming clan

StormhavenTM is a netwide gaming clan,  Originally created in Ultima Online almost a decade ago
Since the good ole days in UO we have opened many chapters of Stormhaven
TM  in various realms:
Ultima Online * Dark Age of Camelot * ShadowBane * Saga of Ryzom *
Star Wars Galaxies * Lineage II * City of Heroes * City of Villains * Guild Wars * EQ II * Vanguard * Dungeons & Dragons Online * Champions Online * Star Trek Online * Warhammer Online * Age of Conan

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Famous Guildie Quotes
Nadeya: "Hey guys, how hard is Hwal's grandfather?" Pscymin:"Not that hard, he stopped taking Viagra. Just don't sit on his lap."

- Nadeya & Pscymin
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